Justyna Jurczyk - Counseling and Psychotherapy

About Me

My name is Justyna Jurczyk. I came to Ireland over 15 years ago with my fresh master degree in Psychology, just for a couple months to improve my English… and I fell in love with this green island, its warm, friendly people and breathtaking nature. I obviously stayed, and soon begun work as psychologist and never-ending journey of improving my professional skills, attending various courses and constant learning.


​Some of the issues that I can help with:

  • low mood, depression, sadness
  • anxiety (e.g.from travelling, going out from home, staying alone, also panic attacks)
  • stress
  • eating disorders
  • issues around self esteem and self–confidence
  • loss and grief
  • therapy for Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • OCD
  • Co-dependency
  • PTSD and trauma
  • Abuse
  • Sexual Difficulities
  • LGBTQ concenrns
  • couples therapy

I also direct my services to people who:

  • feel lonely and are lacking of close relationships
  • ​​suffer, need support
  • have difficult family situation or problematic relationship with partner, parent or child
  • feel unfulfilled or unhappy with their life
  • wish to develop themselves or understand themselves better
  • wish to make changes in their lives​​